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One Day Class Info


Hand-building vs Wheel Throwing
For a hand-building class, you will be using slabs of clay, cutting away pieces for a wall and base to make a cup or plate. You will be able to personalize your creations if you'd like.
For a wheel throwing class, you will be given two balls of clay. For beginners, we will teach you hands-on using the first ball of clay and the second ball will be used for practice (mostly on your own). Wheel throwing takes a lot of practice to master so please come with a beginner's mind, experience wheel throwing, and have fun! 
* The base of wheel thrown items will be trimmed the next day

After your one day class session, there are several more steps that your pottery will go through. Once bone dry, they will be bisque fired, dipped in the glaze of your choice, and lastly glaze fired. The process will take about three weeks. We will contact you via the email you booked the class with. Prompt pick up would be greatly appreciated.


- Trim your fingernails for a better experience with clay.

- Wear something you wouldn't mind getting dirty. 



                                                     The parking structure is on 14th Place. There is a "PARKING" sign above the entrance, drive up the steep ramp and push                                                           the button for the ticket. Parking on 4B or 5B is the  quickest way to get here. Take the elevator down to the 2nd floor.                                                         Last, just look for unit 243!

                                                    Parking on Sundays: The gate to the parking structure is closed on Sundays. Please let the security guard know you are                                                          here for unit 243 and he will open the gate for you. 

Final Product Disclaimers


If we do not receive a response, we reserve the right to dispose of or donate your piece(s) after two months.

There may be cracks, glaze imperfections, etc. that may show on the finished product. This is the nature of ceramics and we do our best to avoid these issues. We are not responsible for any inconsistencies and imperfections on the final product.

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