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Become a Member!

A membership at the Hannghari Ceramic Studio offers an escape from your work life and provides a calm, safe space to express your creativity.


For beginners, you are required to take one day classes for both hand building and wheel throwing to learn the very basics before your membership begins. I will further teach you as needed during your membership.

Membership for intermediate and experienced potters start immediately after registration.


We are a judgement free zone. The studio is located inside the LA Face Mart on the second floor. Currently, we have five wheels, two kilns, 70+ cone 5 glazes, 4 clay types, a slab roller, and sink. 

Monthly Membership includes access to community tools and a personal bin to hold your apron, notes, etc.

We bisque fire and glaze fire about twice per month!

$160 Monthly Membership

  • Once a week, up to 4 times a month.

$250 Monthly Membership

  • Twice a week, up to 8 times a month.

$90 Materials Fee

  • 25lbs of clay including bisque and glaze firings

  • Not a monthly fee. 


  • Missed sessions can be made up the following month. 

  • You are welcome to stay up to 4 hours per session.

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